Gridgets is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create engaging page layouts using just widget areas and the Customizer. You can make cool layouts to match more complicated plugins like Visual Composer and SiteOrigin Page Builder using tools you already have within WordPress. You just create a new widget area for your page, define a grid layout using a dropdown menu and add standard widgets. It’s really simple.

Take a look at the demo or download it from the repository.

Advantages include:

  • Use any WordPress widget as content within your grid
  • No third party interfaces
  • Inherits your theme styles
  • No shortcodes littering your content if you decide to switch it off
  • Drag and drop
  • Edit and view your content in the Customizer
  • Maintains sidebars even when you switch themes
  • Fully extendible by anyone who can build a widget
  • Easier for you; easier for your clients

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