Sliderify is the easiest way to add sliders to your WordPress site. It uses the standard WordPress gallery and magically converts it into a slider. Sliderify Pro takes it a stage further and gives you layered animations, slide transitions, and even lets you turn your featured images into sliders with just one mouse click.

Slider Example

Here’s a simple example of a WordPress gallery that’s been turned into a slider. Sliderify Pro lets you add slide transitions and animations to the titles and captions. All this was created within a few seconds in the standard gallery editor.

It’s so simple to set this up. The screen below is the standard gallery editor in the media manager. That’s all you need.


Carousels and Masonry too

Not content with just converting galleries into sliders, Sliderify also allows you to create carousels and even lets you apply a masonry layout to your galleries with an optional full screen lightbox slider.

Here’s a carousel:

And this is a masonry gallery with lightbox slider. Click on an image to see.

Check out the demo site for more examples.



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