Restrictly Pro allows you to protect your content, restricting access to the user roles you specify. You can restrict access globally, according to page or post type, by taxonomy, at individual page level, or a combination of all. It’s flexible and simple to set up.

Restrictly Pro is an extension for Restrictly, which is available free to download from the WordPress plugin directory. Restrictly is really simple:

  • Decide whether to protect all content or allow access to some pages and posts
  • Protect individual pages and posts with a simple checkbox metafield
  • Specify roles permitted to view protected content
  • Define a message to display to restricted users

Additional features

Restrictly Pro retains the simplicity of the free version but adds more flexibility, including:

  • Restrict access to media files – just select a checkbox when you upload a media file to ensure it’s protected.
  • Define different access rules for single pages, posts and custom post types. So some of your pages can be available for any user, others may only be available to subscribers and above, others may only be available to admins. You decide.
  • Define different access rules for different post types. You can define specific rules for each post type – so your pages can all be available to any user, your posts may only be available to logged-in users, a custom post type may only be available to admins.
  • Define different access rules for different archive pages. If you don’t want certain users to view archive pages, you can redirect them to a special page.
  • Define different access rules for different taxonomies. Each taxonomy can have its own rule – so, for example, if you have a News category in your blog you could make this available to all users, but you could make your Staff category available only to users who are logged in.
  • Choose to redirect restricted users to a specific page. Instead of displaying a generic message, you can redirect users to a special page.


While valid, licenses entitle you to free support and updates. Unless otherwise stated, licenses are valid for 12 months and will be automatically renewed unless cancelled.

If you choose to cancel your subscription, you can continue to use the product but support and updates will no longer be available.

All our products are released under the GNU Public License version 2.0.