Product Extras is a WooCommerce product addons plugin, allowing you to extend your WooCommerce products with additional fields so that your customers can enter personalized information.

You can add as many additional fields as you like, giving you and your customers fine-grained control over configuring products.

WooCommerce product addons – main features

The top features of Product Extras include:

Add option fields to WooCommerce products

Add extra option fields to product pages, including checkboxes, datepickers, file uploads, text inputs, number inputs, radio groups, select / dropdowns and Name Your Price fields

Add option fields to individual products or globally

When you’re adding fields globally, you can specify rules for which products display a field: either all products, by product ID, or by category

Apply the cost of options by quantity or just once

Product Extra’s flat rate option lets you choose to apply the cost of field once only, whatever quantity the customer selects, or to multiply the cost of the field by the quantity

You can even choose to set fields that are only applied once per order, not just once per product

Conditional logic

Show or hide options with conditional logic. So, for example, you can choose to display a field only if another field has been selected

Also includes

Other features include:

  • Add prices to options
  • Options can be required
  • Duplicate groups and fields as required
  • Drag and drop order options within groups
  • Import groups or fields from other products
  • Works with simple and variable products
  • Supports WooCommerce Print Invoices/Packing Lists plugin

Personalized products

You can use Product Extras for WooCommerce to let your clients add custom information to a product, for example:

  • Adding personalized messages
  • Uploading images to be printed, e.g. on teeshirts, mugs, etc
  • Adding gift messages
  • Adding dedications or engravings for jewelry and other gifts
  • Gift cards with their recipient’s name, a custom message, even a special photo
  • Greetings cards with customized message and image
  • Adding gift wrapping option

Fields can be organized into groups: for instance, so, if you would like to allow your customers to create tailor-made greetings cards, you could have a group of options for the front of the card and a group of options for the message inside. Having groups ensures that it’s clear for your customers where to enter information.

WooCommerce product addons

Online submissions

The plugin can also be used as part of a submissions process and is therefore ideal for:

  • Artist submissions for galleries and exhibitions
  • Photography competitions
  • Competition entries
  • Applications to take part in expositions or trade shows
  • Event applications

In fact, any process where you want to take payments from users but require additional information:

Charge for personalizations

Excitingly, you can charge your customers extra for personalizations: you can choose to assign a price to each field which will be added to the product price if the user enters a value. This allows you to add value to each of your products and increase your profitability.

Certain fields, like dropdowns, can have different prices associated with each option.

WooCommerce product addons features

Product Extras adds a new ‘Product Extras’ tab to the product data table which allows you to set up which groups and fields you want.

Product extras tab


Extras are divided into groups, which are then divided into fields.

This allows you to segment your additional fields according to whatever way you like. For example, if you’re accepting online submissions for an exhibition you may wish to allow users to submit two images each with a title. To do this, you’d create two groups. Each group would have a field for the upload and a field for the title.

You can add as many groups to products as you wish. Each group can be given a title which is displayed on the product page to help your users.

Custom fields

You have the following custom fields available. You can add as many of these custom product options as you wish to each group. You can see examples of all fields here.

Each field has a label or heading and you can specify whether the field is required. In addition, you can add an optional description that will appear under the field, allowing you to provide the user with some additional explanation and guidance.

If you wish, you can assign a price to each field. The price will be added to the product total if the field is filled in.

You can choose to specify the field price as flat rate. This means that the field price is only added once to the product price, whatever quantity the customer has set. Find out more about flat rate prices here.

Checkbox field

Add a checkbox field. Checkboxes are really useful for encouraging users to purchases extras like extended warranties, gift wrapping, and other types of product add-on.

Date field

Add a field with a datepicker to your products.

File upload field

Add a file input field to allow users to upload an image file. For security reasons, file types are restricted to jpg, gif and png files. You can set the maximum file size allowed.

All files are uploaded to a separate folder which is protected by additional htaccess rules.

File upload fields are perfect for competition entries, exhibition submissions, and all kinds of configurable products like teeshirt printing, personalized items, and gifts.

Name Your Price

Product Extras for WooCommerce has a Name Your Price field type that you can use to allow customers to set their own prices. Set minimum and maximum values, add multiple fields to the same product, show or hide fields based on conditional logic – Name Your Price is a flexible way to add customer-defined pricing.

Number field

Add a number field. You can specify a minimum and/or maximum value that the user can input.

You can also use the number field as a quantity field.

Radio group

Add as many radio controls as you wish. Each control can have a price associated with it which will be added to the order total.

Select field

Add a select field (dropdown list) with as many options as you wish. Each option can have a price associated with it which will be added to the order total.

Select fields are essential if you want to allow complex configuration for your products.

Text field

Add a text input field. You can specify the minimum and/or maximum number of characters permitted, or allow the user to enter as many characters as they wish.

Text fields can be used to provide simple messages, wording for engravings, biographical information, special requests – anything, in fact, which requires a short piece of text.

You can charge per character if you wish.

Textarea field

Add a textarea field. You can specify the minimum and/or maximum number of characters permitted, or allow the user to enter as many characters as they wish.

You can charge per character if you wish.

Global settings

As well as entering your addons on individual products, you can save time by adding them at a global level. You can also set rules for what products display each field, e.g.:

  • On all products
  • On a list of specified products
  • If the product belongs to a list of specified categories

Global extras rules

Extras post type

All submitted content is saved in a custom post type, containing meta data linking it to the original product, the order, and the user. It also displays the field data submitted by the user.

Export fields

You can export your product extras to CSV file for Excel, Numbers or comparable spreadsheet program.

Conditional logic

Product Extras supports conditional logic so you can display different fields depending on the information provided by the user. It’s the only WooCommerce product addons plugin that supports this feature.

Show or hide fields

Conditional logic works by showing or hiding a field based on one or more conditions that you specify. A simple example of this would be a checkbox that, when clicked, revealed another field. A more complex example would be to only display a field if several other fields contained specific information.

Product page

The groups are rendered on the standard product page, where the user completes the required fields. A running total is updated whenever the user changes their selections.

The fields data is displayed on the Cart page:

Product extras cart

When the user checks out, the Product Extra data is saved to the order and a new Product Extra post is created and data saved. This is useful if you are running a competition or other event where you need to extract the extra data separately from the order.

Export data

Product Extras allows you to export product extra data as a CSV. This is particularly useful if you are running an online competition or call for submissions – you can then export all submissions into a spreadsheet.


Please note that you can buy Product Extras on a yearly or a monthly license.



While valid, licenses entitle you to free support and updates.

All our products are released under the GNU Public License version 2.0.