Discussion Board Pro adds extra functionality to the Discussion Board plugin, allowing you to create an even more powerful forum for your WordPress site.

Discussion Board features

Discussion Board is a popular free WordPress forum plugin with a 4.9 / 5 rating on WordPress.org. It lets you add a simple forum to your site where users can register, post new topics, and reply to others’ topics.

Pro features

The Pro version gives you more features and functionality, including:

Multiple boards

Discussion Board Pro allows you to create sub-forums within your site. Your users can choose which board to allocate their topics to, allowing you to keep your forum nicely organized and helping your users find the topics they’re most interested in.

Each board can display a thumbnail image, description, and meta data including:

  • Number of topics within the board
  • Number of replies to topics within the board
  • Time since content was last added to the board (freshness)
  • Number of users interacting on the board, either posting topics or replying to topics (voices)

Recent or most popular topics are listed below the meta data

Child boards

Boards can also be hierarchical, meaning that you can create child boards under main boards, effectively giving you sub-sub-forums.

Subscribe to boards

Users can choose to subscribe (follow) specific boards in order to receive email notifications of any new topic or reply posted on that specific board.

Follow topics

In Discussion Board Pro, users can subscribe (follow) any topic they wish. They’ll receive an email notification whenever another user leaves a reply on the followed topic.

Users can choose to un-follow a topic at any time.

Admin approvals for new registrations

Note that this feature is not available on the Basic, single site plan. It’s only available on the Developer and Unlimited plans.

The admin approvals feature allows you to decide who can join your discussion board. When a new user registers for your site, you’ll receive an email with the user’s details and a link to approve the registration. If you decide not to approve the user, they won’t be able to post.

User profiles

With user profiles, you can choose to display selected user information about each user on a dedicated page. Information includes:

  • Biographical details for the user
  • Date of joining
  • Number of topics posted
  • Number of replies posted

In addition, you can also choose to display:

  • A feed of topics started by the user
  • A feed of replies made by the user
  • A feed of topics followed by the user

WYSIWYG editing

Discussion Board Pro gives you the option to enable a WYSIWYG editor on the front-end.

Media uploads

Discussion Board Pro allows you to enable image uploads for new topics.

Categories and tags

You can define categories and tags for topics. Users can allocate their new topics to pre-existing categories and/or tags or you can choose to allow them to define their own.

Demo site

There is a demo of the Pro features at discussionboard.pro. You can sign up, post topics and create replies to existing topics.




All paid licenses run for 12 months and entitle you to free support and updates through that period. After a year, we’ll send you a reminder to renew your license at a 50% discount. If you don’t wish to renew, you can continue to use the product but support and updates will no longer be available.

All our products are released under the GNU Public License version 2.0.