Bookings for WooCommerce allows you to sell date-based bookings. It’s ideal for all kinds of rentals, including:

  • Property rentals
  • Vacation rentals
  • Holiday homes
  • Villas and apartments
  • Renting rooms
  • Holiday lettings
  • Accommodation lets
  • Gallery rentals
  • Exhibition space rentals
  • Booking venues
  • Vehicle hire, e.g. car, bike or boat


Bookings for WooCommerce adds a new ‘Booking’ product type to WooCommerce which lets you set exactly how you want your rentals to work.

Using the Booking product type, you can define:

  • Booking units: either by day, by night, or by week.
  • Booking start day: specify a day of the week for the booking to start, or let users select any day
  • Minimum and maximum booking lengths: happy to let users book for just one night? That’s fine. Need to specify a minimum number of nights? That’s also fine.
  • Buffer period: add an optional buffer period between bookings
  • Costs: set a standard cost per day, night or week then define periods where the cost might be different. Charge premium rates for your busy times, tempt people with discount rates for the quieter times
  • Block out dates: you can make dates unavailable in the calendar to prevent anyone from booking them.
  • Last bookable date: decide how far in advance to take bookings

How does it work?

The plugin adds a simple booking form to the product page where the user can select their check-in and check-out dates. The permitted dates are clearly indicated and the calendars automatically update to ensure that users can’t duplicate bookings or book across a blocked-out period. The plugin calculates the duration of the stay and displays the cost automatically, taking into account any non standard cost periods that might be incorporated into the user’s booking.

The user can add their booking to their cart and checkout, the same as they would do for any other product:

After payment, the user receives an email with the booking details:

In your dashboard, you can monitor and update bookings:

The plugin works with WooCommerce so that you can take payment via your preferred payment gateway. You can also sell additional products on your site as well as take bookings.

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You can buy Bookings for WooCommerce separately or as part of a bundle with Spaced, a WordPress theme designed specifically for property rentals. The bundle gives you a 20% discount off the combined price of the theme and plugin.

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