WooCommerce – update product price programmatically

There are many reasons you might want to update a WooCommerce product price programmatically. For instance, in Bookings for WooCommerce the booking (product) price is set dynamically according to certain parameters – e.g. length of stay, etc. In Product Extras, you can specify extra fields for your products (like checkboxes and text fields) which will add extra cost to the product when selected. In this article, I’ll share some simple code to achieve this. Read more

Gutenberg will push average users away from WordPress

I wrote this article because I felt enough wasn’t being said about Gutenberg.

Well, we all know that’s not strictly true. There’s been more written about Gutenberg in the last couple of months than on any other WordPress topic. It’s the most emotive subject ever for developers and designers and everyone involved in WordPress.

But I think there’s one area where there hasn’t been enough discussion and that’s the effect of Gutenberg on average end-users of WordPress. I think we will see a significant subsection of WordPress users totally alienated by Gutenberg, which will impact on developers, consultants and agencies. Read more

Interview with Brian Hogg

I first heard from Brian Hogg earlier this year when he contacted me with some questions about Wisdom, my plugin that tracks data for plugin developers. I already knew of Brian through his newsletter for developers and I felt that he would be the ideal choice for the first in a new series of interviews that I’d like to run on this blog, focusing on individuals in the WordPress community who are involved in plugin development. Read more